Face surgery


The skin and expression of the face are the reflection of the soul and inner psycho-physical equilibrium. Wrinkles and skin alterations due to again are the signs of aging and lifestyle and events.

The skin has two layers, epidermis has the same embryological origins as the brain, from “ectoderm”, it expresses the emotional state of the individual.

The dermis consists of a fundamental substance crossed by blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and nerves, representing overall metabolic well-being.

What advantages does a holistic approach offer over surgery alone?

  • It deals with metabolic and hormonal problems that influence the appearance of the face;
  • It considers and treats facial skin as an organ in and of itself;
  • It specifically treats and nourishes the epidermis and the dermis to optimise, at any age, their condition and capacity to undergo surgery;
  • It reduces the effects of aging the external agents on the skin;
  • It accompanies the healing process to obtain discrete and good quality scarring