Essential oils therapy



Phytotherapy is the knowledge and use of the therapeutic properties of plants.

After many years and multiple studies on animals and humans, the clinical effects of numerous medicinal plants have been tested.  These studies have scientifically confirmed plant properties known by folk medicine, discovered new properties for some of them, and highlighted the biochemical action of most of them.

Each medicinal plant contains thousands of synergic compounds; this is why scientists consider that only the total extraction of the active substance of the plant - the totum, is capable of preserving the totality of the active principles.

Many medicinal plants may help to preserve youthfulness and contribute to keeping in shape. The richness and diversity of the plant kingdom makes available a large selection of remedies to various problems.

Many of them contain anti-oxidants, like polyphenols, or substances that modulate hormones, or are capable of protecting and regenerating cells, or re-mineralising and draining action.

Nature, through plants and food, offers us a true, economical, simple, and accessible arsenal to reinforce our vitality, protect our body from environmental aggressions or physiological dysfunctions responsible for aging.


Aromatherapy is a branch of phytotherapy, because it also uses plants, but uses only the volatile, ethereal part of the plant is used.

Aromatherapy uses aromatic extracts of the plants: essential oils and natural essences.

In addition to their incomparable anti-septic, anti-infectious, anti-viral, and anti-parasite effects, these natural substance  are also improve cicatrisation, relieve pain, reduce bleeding, improve digestion, regulate hormones and immunity, and eliminate fats…).

An essential oil is the odorous volatile fraction extracted from the plant. It may be extracted from different parts of the plant: leaves, flowers, bark, wood, zest, grains, berries, fruits, and bulbs. The essential oil is an extremely effective protection system for the plant, like an anti-biotic or sun protection for example, our a way of attracting insects to pollinate or heal.

They are extremely potent, have specific properties, and must be taken according to precise dosages, like other medicines.

In aesthetic surgery, they are particularly appreciated when preparing or treating skin before procedures.