Brigitte and Victoire (2012)


(Patients testimonials)

Breast reduction.

Statement made a few weeks after my surgical procedure on May 15, 2012 by Dr. Negro.

An osteopath I regularly consult confidently referred me to Dr. Negro for a consultation concerning my PIP breast implants.

During my first visit, Dr. Negro dedicated much time to explaining the situation in great detail, as well as the risks of these PIP implants. She convinced me to have them removed to prevent any potential problems and replace them.

I was immediately won over by her reassuring, professional, and accurate approach. An appointment was made for the surgery.

The trust I felt quickly urged me to consider getting a face lift as well.

I am 51, and after having lost weight, I found the jowls of my face had lost their oval shape, the skin on my neck was creased, and my cheeks had lost tone.  However, I was somewhat reticent and not fully convinced that the results of facial surgery would look natural enough.

I asked her about a face lift. I had done some research on line and, in spite of my strong reservations at the beginning, the idea quickly became more acceptable.

Encouraged by her favourable advice, and that of my husband, I asked her if she could perform a lift as well.

 Her arguments were very pertinent: restoring in a very natural way a “good appearance, smoother skin, better defined contour of the face, and a few years less …..without having to « confess to having had any surgery».

I was also convinced by her advice on micronutrition, her homeopathic approach, natural products, lifestyle and nutritional advice, and everything she proposed before, during, and after the procedure to optimise the results.

Before the procedure, and following a comprehensive evaluation of my overall condition, I followed her pre-operative advice for food supplements and vitamins, tending to correct my dietary deficits and more.   

Before the procedure, Dr. Negro gave me a certain number of things to do to prepare my body: homeopathic medicine, massage with essential oils, creams…..

The day of the surgery, I was very serene and, always with my homeopathic pills to take just before and after the procedure, I entrusted myself to her with total confidence.

The procedure went very well and I woke up with no pain and a large bandage around my head. I saw the doctor the same afternoon, and the next morning, Dr. Negro came and changed the dressing herself, telling me that I could go home. I especially appreciated that fact the she changed my dressing herself.

I was reassured by her presence and her commitment.  I saw the doctor 3 days after the procedure and, at the beginning, regularly several times per week. Every time, she changed my dressing with meticulous care, precision, and kindness to gradually discover the outcome.

The results were spectacular and, thanks to all the preparation, I had very little bruising and swelling. There was little pain, just a bit of discomfort during the first days. One week after the procedure, I was absolutely presentable, and two weeks after surgery, I began working again, without having to "confess" anything.

The comments of people who saw me were that I looked “beautiful” and “refreshed”, without being able to really understand what had happened to me.

I love Dr. Negro’s approach, as she combines surgical procedures with a program of well-being, while the preparations and follow-up are never excessive and always done with natural products. She was always extremely professional and accessible.

This seems to be essential in our society where sometimes an excessive change in "appearance” can lead to disaster. I had been deceived by the excess of publicity and soliciting for aesthetic procedures, unfortunately sometimes practised by FALSE professionals who neglect the rules of the art.

I very sincerely recommend and thank Dr. Negro for everything she’s done for me.