Stop smoking with mesotherapy

Mesotherapy method to quit smoking is carried out by injection through fine Needles, in specific acupuncture points of substances that stimulate and regulate specific nervous centers responsible for addiction.

This is primarily physiological saline and micronutrients.

The effects 

Puncture and injection of acupuncture points alongside the nose, on ear lobules and in front of the tragus eliminates the need to smoke from the first session in 80% of cases;

in 90% of cases, after the second or third session. It is as if a switch had interrupted the circuit of tobacco dependence. By removing the need, abstinencel symptoms difficult to bear, responsible for most failures don’t appear. With this method there is a real detoxification; former smoker feels no nervousness, or obsession, or compensation phenomena with food or alcohol. This avoids the main drawbacks due to the cessation as weight gain.

Difference between lack and desire

Mesotherapy eliminates the lack that is to say the need for nicotine, but doesn’t eliminate all of envy.

Lack: is due to the need for nicotine and results in nervousness, irritability, impatience. The person in need is like a caged lion.

Envy is produced by the habit of consuming, the gesture with the cigarette; it can be compared to a whim like taking pleasure eating a chocolate or drinking a coffee.

Mesotherapy eliminates the lack, so the person feels no nervousness, or obsession, or troubles. That is why she won’t have almost any problem related to temptation or habit gesture.

The session

The doctor injects in the 6 points a few centiliters of product. Injections may be unpleasant, but they are not painful. A slight bulge remains a few hours in the injection points, then it disappears. The injection of the product helps stimulate more time acupuncture points. They are thus stimulated mechanically by needle and chemically by substances present in the product..

For Whom?

There are no contraindications, not even pregnancy.

This method is offered to all smokers who have decided to quit or who have had a click, for any amount of tobacco and duration of smoking.

How it works?

The injection and selective stimulation of acupuncture points regulate organs (brain, lungs, stomach) through the trigeminal nerve cortex, thalamus, reticular formation and visceral motor centers. It is with this type of mechanism that the need of smoking is reduced and that the process of bulimia or polyphagia resulting of smoking cessation is regulated.

Mesotherapy injection acts on the thalamus and hypothalamus that contain the centers of basic needs (hunger, thirst, sex) and addiction (alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, hashish, heroin ...).

Their stimulation allows limiting food impulses and compulsive smoking.

There is also the activation of the sympathetic endo-nasal via endo-nasal mucosa  which has many sub-cutaneous nerves thanks to the sympathetic system. This indirectly stimulates endo-nasal region, the cardiac, pulmonary and solar plexus, with an action of detoxification at the lungs, heart and vessels level, on the pancreas and appetite regulation.

We also exert an indirect stimulatory action on the olfactory nerve, which is normally stimulated only by odorant molecules because its function is to capture odors’ messages. The olfactory nerve originates in the midbrain, part of the brain related to emotions, affectivity, but also addictive behaviors, drugs and nicotine. Affective and emotional relationships explain why smell and taste can remind us childhood or have someone bearing their mother’s scent being followed by small animals.

Neurotransmitters in this brain region are endorphins. It is known that acupuncture is able to stimulate the secretion of endorphins during anesthesia performed by acupuncture. It is through the same mechanism of endorphins secretion that mesotherapy acts on stopping smoking addiction.

Stimulation of the nose points is also used to treat rhinitis, sinusitis and clear stuffy nose, a frequent sensation among smokers. This nose clearance is not trivial since it is involved in two main cases:

- Libido :

About 25% of smokers recognize experiencing a desire and sexual pleasure increase after stopping smoking. Indeed, thanks to recovering smell they are able to perceive sexual attraction pheromones.

Analgesia of the nasal mucosa due to nicotine (which is an anesthetic) could explain the smokers’ decreased libido.

Stimulation, through injection, allows accelerating locally the recovery phenomenon of the nasal mucosa that became hyposensitive and irritated in contact of tobacco.

In addition, hydration and micronutrient intake together with mesotherapy accelerate healing of the olfactory mucosa.

- Lung Heath : 

According to the theories of acupuncture, there is a direct correlation between smell and lungs.

Smell and its connections with the limbic system, midbrain, affectivity, and pheromones are related, according to Chinese thinking, to the health of “lung energy".

Therefore, for Chinese acupuncture, positively influence smell is equivalent to acting favorably on the lungs and vice versa.